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Pioneering large-area nanoimprinting

Empowering scalable manufacturing of micro- and nanostructured products

Pushing the boundaries of nanoimprint technology

Morphotonics offers a unique large-area nanoimprint lithography technology that provides both design freedom and high-volume production capabilities, making it commercially viable for a wide range of products.

Drawing upon our many years of experience, we empower customers in developing micro- and nanostructured products that take full advantage of large surface areas.

Large-area nanoimprint lithography
via Roll-to-Plate

Morphotonics has transformed the Roll-to-Plate replication technology into a proprietary method for nanoimprinting over large surface areas in…

any optics, any display, any size.

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Benefits of large-area nanoimprint lithography

Beyond wafer scale

Beyond wafer scale

Our technology is beneficial for applications that are too costly to produce on a wafer scale or exceed the size limitations of a wafer.

High quality on many surfaces

High quality on many surfaces

Roll-to-Plate imprinting creates high quality, cost-effective structured layers on glass. It also works on polymer and metal plates/sheets.

Improved optical performance

Improved optical performance

If used as a permanent layer, the imprinted layer offers better optical performance, durability, and thermal stability compared to film-based solutions.

Highly precise

Highly precise

Our technology allows for features below 1 micrometer to be easily applied when the patterned layer is utilized as an etch mask, a capability that is not currently achievable with large area photolithography tools.

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Large-area nanoimprinting alternatives

By integrating volume production benefits of Roll-to-Roll nanoimprinting with advanced replication abilities of wafer-scale UV-based Nanoimprint Lithography, Morphotonics’ large-area nanoimprint technology allows for efficient volume production at high quality.


Wafer UV-NIL

Low throughput
Small-size substrate
High (position) accuracy

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Large-area nanoimprinting

High throughput
Small & large size substrates
High accuracy & pattern freedom


Large-area photolithography

High throughput
Small & large size substrates
Limited pattern choice

Innovation is in our DNA

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with nanoimprint lithography

From equipment design to material selection to process development: we constantly explore new ways to bring enhanced products to our customers. We go beyond our own manufacturing domain to better understand customer needs to stay ahead with the best nanoimprinting solutions.

We are regarded thought leaders
in the industry

We are regarded thought leaders in the industry

Applications beyond displays

Besides delivering unmatched visual experiences for displays, large-area nanoimprint lithography can enhance our lives in a growing range of applications:

Together we morph
dreams into reality

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