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Freedom in design
& scalable manufacturing

Any optics, any display, any size

We bring your display innovations to life at high volume, with high quality, at low cost


New visual experiences

People expect the best visual experience from the latest display technologies, moving ever closer to real life.

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Design freedom

By adding advanced optical features, displays get smarter, more energy efficient, with new visual dimensions and mixed realities.

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Manufacturing at scale

To bring new innovative optical designs to a wider audience, commercial manufacturing solutions are required.

Want to bring your products to life with large-area nanoimprinting?

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Any optics

Design freedom for replicating any structure

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Any display

Enabling stunning new displays

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Any size

Nanoimprint Lithography
at Scale

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Any optics

Our technology allows freedom in design and high-quality imprinting of structures with custom features ranging from 500 micrometer down to 50 nanometer for display optics and more.

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Any display

Our large-area nanoimprint lithography technology brings design freedom and scalable manufacturing to realize display innovations, no matter the underlying manufacturing method or technology – OLED, LCD, MicroLEDs.

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Any size

With the possibility to imprint on extremely large areas, up to 1.1 x 1.3m, and the proven ability to reuse the same flexible stamp >1000 times, our technology offers a significant scaling advantage.

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Have a non-display product to take advantage of large-area nanoimprinting?