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Empowering Large-Area Nano Imprint Lithography

Empowering scalable manufacturing of micro- and nanostructured products

Introduction to Nano Imprint Lithography

Nano imprint lithography (NIL) is a versatile, cost-effective method used to fabricate microscopic patterns. It offers precision down to the nanometer scale, ideal for high-volume productions in optics and electronics. Explore how Morphotonics leads with its innovative large-area imprinting technology.

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Design freedom for replicating any structure

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Enabling stunning new displays

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Nanoimprinting at Scale

Explore the Boundless Advantages of Large-Scale Nanoimprinting

Unleashing potential across industries with unparalleled precision, scalability, and cost efficiency. With Morphotonics’ NIL, your design possibilities expand exponentially. Tailor your production specifications to meet diverse industry needs with accuracy down to the nanometer.


Scale operations smoothly and efficiently. Our technology is built for high-volume production, maintaining high quality even over vast areas.

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Cost efficiency

Cut costs significantly across all stages of production. Achieve better outcomes with lower investment and faster throughput times.

High Precision & Consistency

Expect uniform quality with every batch. Our systems ensure that each component meets stringent standards, essential for advanced applications.

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Versatility across Industries

Our NIL technology adapts to multiple sectors effortlessly, facilitating innovation in electronics, optics, biotechnology, and more.

Technological Edge and Applications

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Unmatched Precision & Versatility

Achieve feature resolutions down to 10 nanometers with Morphotonics’ NIL technology. Designed for versatility, our systems support a wide array of materials and large-area imprinting for both R&D and full-scale production.


Scalable High-Volume Manufacturing

Optimized for commercial scalability, our NIL solutions enhance throughput without sacrificing quality. Ideal for large-scale production, ensuring cost efficiency and reduced time-to-market for new products.

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Diverse Industrial Applications

From optical components in AR glasses to enhanced microprocessors and solar cells, NIL’s application spans multiple industries including electronics, biotechnology, and renewable energy.

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Revolutionizing Optics & Photonics

NIL facilitates the creation of high-precision optical elements used in next-gen computing and smart devices, improving performance and efficiency.

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Enhancing Electronics Fabrication

Our technology significantly reduces circuit dimensions, enabling denser and faster microprocessors for the rapidly evolving electronics industry.

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Boosting Solar Energy Efficiency

NIL-produced nanostructures increase solar cell efficiency by maximizing light absorption, pivotal for advancing the sustainability in energy sources.

What customers say about

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Andre Krebbers

COO of Leia Inc.

Leia Inc. has successfully industrialized the Leia proprietary Diffractive Light field Backlighting  (DLB™) technology for naked eye 3D with the support of the deep knowledge Morphotonics has in large-area nanoimprint lithography processing and tool manufacturing.

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Anthony Slack

CEO of eLstar Dynamics

“Using NIL to create spacers is a new innovative process that enables flexibility in the spacer process, making smart glass sustainable and even more affordable. We are pleased to see positive results in this project working closely with Morphotonics…”

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