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Morphotonics enables stunning new displays

As technology continues to revolutionize and expand people’s visual experiences, many concepts with promising optical features are being developed, but often don’t progress beyond the prototype stage.

Morphotonics enables cost-effective mass production of cutting-edge optical designs, allowing for greater design freedom and high-quality displays at lowered costs

at scale

We want to transform the human visual experience and consistently push the boundaries of what can be achieved with large-area nanoimprint technology. We offer top-quality nanoimprint lithography equipment, backed by extensive process expertise, and a broad range of materials that are all commercially proven.

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What customers say about

Group 107

Andre Krebbers

COO of Leia Inc.

Leia Inc. has successfully industrialized the Leia proprietary Diffractive Light field Backlighting  (DLB™) technology for naked eye 3D with the support of the deep knowledge Morphotonics has in large-area nanoimprint lithography processing and tool manufacturing.

Group 107

Anthony Slack

CEO of eLstar Dynamics

“Using NIL to create spacers is a new innovative process that enables flexibility in the spacer process, making smart glass sustainable and even more affordable. We are pleased to see positive results in this project working closely with Morphotonics…”

Group 107

Brian Bilenberg

EVP Technology, Founder, NIL Technology

“We have a great development partner in Morphotonics and we have together successfully created joint AR demonstrators with masters from NILT and replication at Morphotonics. This work has resulted in several successful conference presentations, and we expect to collaborate with Morphotonics on more topics in the future to push the boundaries of what is possible with nanoimprinting together.”

Group 107

Dr. Rolando Ferrini

Former CSEM Sector Head & Project Coordinator of PHABULOuS

“CSEM is extremely glad to have found in Morphotonics a competent and highly dedicated partner in roll-to-plate (R2P) UV imprint on large area substrates, which substantially complement its long standing competences in wafer scale UV replication.” 

Group 107

Dr. Oliver Humbach

Former CEO of temicon GmbH

“I am very pleased that in Morphotonics we have found a focused technology partner for R2P nanoimprinting to lead complex customer projects from prototyping to automated series production.”

Empowering innovation around the globe

Morphotonics equipment is used by customers worldwide, from sampling to high volume manufacturing.

Being at the forefront of large-area nanoimprint lithography technology, our ultimate goal is to see a Morphotonics nanoimprinted product in every pocket. 

Together we morph
dreams into reality

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