Morphotonics has two types of Roll-to-Plate (R2P) NIL Platform products:

  • PORTIS Roll-to-Plate (R2P) NIL platform is ideal for R&D, process development, and pilot production.  It combines ultimate flexibility with small-scale production and is comprised of the Imprinter, Coater, and Primer (built upon request) modules.

PORTIS C1100 & NIL1100_drawing

PORTIS C1100 & NIL1100_picture

  • AURORA is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art Roll-to-Plate (R2P) NIL production line that is ideal for high-volume production. With primer application, imprinting, and post-curing modules built-in, it provides dedicated and cost-effective mass manufacturing capability.  Aurora is proven for volume production for the display market, running 24/7 at a customer site in Asia.

nanopattern nanoimprint lithography NIL UV roll imprinting production machine Morphotonics Aurora

Here is a summary of the products currently available for sale within the Portis and Aurora platforms:

Morphotonics Summary of Products