Continuous innovation

Our R&D team investigates and creates new solutions for nanoimprint technologies

We are researchers helping you find the solution

Morphotonics has the capacity and the know-how to assist you in the R&D of your micro- and nano-patterned products. We support our clients with mastering, sampling, imprint stamps and UV-resists.

We develop pilot testing machines up to mass production imprint lines.

We have the knowledge, facilities, tools, materials, network and expertise to guide you through every step of the development process.

Bringing your product from lab to fab!













Taking roll-to-plate nanoimprinting to the next level

Next to speeding up the innovation of our partners, we make sure we stay ahead as a roll-to-plate nanoimprint solutions provider. Our flex stamps are continuously improved. Incorporating properties that make the life of our customers easier. Think of an increased reusability factor or improved dimensional stability. The roll-to-plate process itself is also continuously being adapted and improved. Finding new ways to control imprinting pressure or selecting and optimizing coating processes and materials are topics we invest in. This way we will be able to offer you the best solutions in the future as well.

Images of our R&D activities



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Micro- and nanostructures can enhance the photonic properties of a surface. We develop and apply a large range of micro- and nanostructures for all kinds of applications.

Roll-to-plate nanoimprint

Our roll-to-plate (R2P) technology uses an advanced reusable flexible stamp and can be used for imprinting structures on small and large surfaces.

Flex stamps

We create stamps for the roll-to-plate imprinting process. The flex stamp is used as a masterfilm and rolled into the resin to fabricate the patterned product.

Research & Development

Our engineers gladly work together with you to develop the best textures, stamps, samples, imprinting tools and materials for your application