From lab to fab

Nanoimprint equipment:


This stand-alone roll-to-plate nanoimprint machine is ideal for Research and Development, process development and low to medium volume production of micro and nanostructures.

Integrated Production Line:


This state-of-the-art roll-to-plate nanoimprint production line is designed for high volume production. Discover the Aurora production line.


We can design an imprint machine that meets your unique requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Portis: Nanoimprint equipment for R&D and low volume production

We understand the importance of R&D. Especially when you are still investigating the specifications of your final product.

The Portis is a stand-alone roll-to-plate nanoimprint module and is ideal for Research and Development, process development, low and medium volume production. It provides ultimate flexibility.

You can easily change flex stamps and adjust properties of the imprinting process, like speed, pressure, gap and UV settings.

After a manual feed-in of the substrate or product, the process is executed automatically and the patterned product can be picked up from the output station.

The Portis is compatible with various pre-treatment and coating machines, so you can design your perfect R&D and low volume production configuration.

Imprinting speed in mm/s


Suited for pilot production

  • R&D, low and medium volume production
  • Substrate sizes up to 600*800 mm² / 1100*1500 mm²
  • Substrate thickness: 0.5 – 10 mm
  • Substrate carrier for foils and films
  • Suitable for different substrate materials: glass, polymer, metal
  • Easy exchange of flex stamp
  • Compatible with various pre-treatment and coating machines
  • Removable input and output stations
  • Separate pre-treatment and coating machines
  • Imprinting of markers for easy alignment in downstream equipment
  • Flex stamp development
  • Resist with special requirements
  • Substrate carriers

Images of the Portis


Aurora: State-of-the-art Nanoimprint Production Line

Integrated roll-to-plate production line designed for high volume production.

The Aurora platform consists of several high accuracy modules. From applying the adhesion promoter (primer), coating the resist, nanoimprinting, up to handling the delicate substrates, all processes are performed fully controlled and automated.

With our experience in nanoimprinting at an industrial scale, we can help you in getting the best quality and highest performance out of this mass production line. We support you every step of the way.

The Aurora is a robust machine with proven 24/7 commercial performance and high yields. In addition, changing between products is as easy as changing the flex stamp: this only takes 5 minutes!

Output of plates per month

Million nanostructures per 1 cm2

  • High volume production
  • Substrate dimensions: 550*650 mm² (GEN3); 1100*1300 mm² (GEN5)
  • TAKT time: less than 90 seconds
  • Flex stamp exchange time: <5 min
  • Non-contact primer application
  • Active stamp-to-substrate alignment
  • Fast curing by UVLEDS
  • User-friendly software
  • High quality enclosure for clean and UV-safe environment
  • Flex stamp development
  • Resist with special requirements
  • Modifications for up- and downstream equipment

Images of the Aurora line



Imprint machines

From our stand-alone nanoimprint machine for low volume production “Portis”, to our state-of-the-art imprint platform for mass production: Aurora.

Imprint stamps

We develop and produce our high-end durable flex stamps ourselves. We assist in optimizing them during the R&D process to fulfill your requirements.

Imprint materials

The performance of your product and nanostructure is highly dependable on the quality of the UV resin or resist that is used for the imprint.

Competence centre

Together we engineer the best imprinting solutions for your application. We create samples for testing or even custom made prototypes to wow your clients.