Development, upscaling and pilot production of your nanopatterns

We create samples for testing or demonstration purposes to wow your clients.









You have carefully developed your nanopattern. But maybe it still needs to be optimized? Or you want to test its effects on smaller or larger scale? Perhaps you want to experiment with different
UV curable resists?

We have the knowledge and equipment to perform these tests for you. We are very agile and we create your samples quickly, so you can accelerate your R&D process.











Demonstration samples

You need your prototypes to look stunning. Your application needs to work and look like it can be produced today. Morphotonics can imprint your optical micro- and nanotechnology layers directly on your product. So your demonstration models actually work the way you envisioned and you will be able to convince your clients.

Pilot production

After the initial testing and prototype stage, we can facilitate low-volume production. With our in-house equipment and crew, a pilot production plan can be set-up.

This way, you do not have to invest in equipment before you are convinced that your product will actually work the way you envisioned and you have commitment from your clients.







Scaling up your master

We have the capability to create a large master from a small master. In our proprietary tiling process we tile many small masters together.

This way we increase the master size up to 2 m².
The seamline or stitch can be controlled down to 20 μm.




Imprint machines

From our stand-alone nanoimprint machine for low volume production “Portis”, to our state-of-the-art imprint platform for mass production: Aurora.

Imprint stamps

We develop and produce our high-end durable flex stamps ourselves. We assist in optimizing them during the R&D process to fulfill your requirements.

Imprint materials

The performance of your product and nanostructure is highly dependable on the quality of the UV resin or resist that is used for the imprint.

Competence centre

Together we engineer the best imprinting solutions for your application. We create samples for testing or even custom made prototypes to wow your clients.